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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Get in line to see the best of Alexander McQueen

Most halls of the Met were relatively empty today. But that's because everyone was on the second floor standing in what seemed a never-ending line to enter the McQueen exhibition. Once the wait was over, large groups of about fifty would enter into a dark room, the only lights shined on elegantly dressed mannequins. The walls are filled with quotes by McQueen.

Passing through the different rooms you can notice the recurring naturalistic theme: animal prints, floral designs, a clash of the primitive with the world of high fashion, described as "the noble savage living in harmony with the natural world," or simply,
Romantic Naturalism

Since all my photos look like this- because I wasn't supposed to be photographing so I clicked my camera here and there in the dark- I'll upload some of his work displayed at the exhibition---



Photos from the Metropolitan Museum Website:

"I especially like the accessory for its sadomasochistic aspect."

-Alexander McQueen

“I have always loved the mechanics of nature and to a greater or lesser extent my work is always informed by that.”
—Alexander McQueen