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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Avril Lavigne's make-up artist reveals the secret to her rock chick look

Avril Lavigne's make-up artist has revealed the secret to creating the star's signature rock chick look.

The 26-year-old Canadian singer is famed for her mix of edgy punk and girly glam, and always dazzles with her head-turning beauty.

Make-up artist to the stars, Jackie Tyson, has revealed her tips to re-create the star's style, including how to achieve Avril's 'porcelain' complexion.

'Always prep the skin to make the make-up look its best. Use a moisturiser that suits your skin type and age. Apply a pale foundation with a brush for the flawless porcelain skin,' she revealed to Cover Media. 'You could add a little contour under the cheekbone but no colour on the apples of the cheeks.'

Jackie says this particular look is all about the 'grungy' eye make-up. The celebrity stylist says you can go as far as you dare with the dramatic trend as the more the better when it comes to a rock aesthetic.

'This look is all about the grungy black eye so begin with a soft black kohl pencil - smoulder by MAC - and outline the whole way round the lash line and on the inner rim. Take a small soft brush and begin to blend all around the eye making the desired almond shape and pulling the colour out as far as you dare! Using the same brush set the kohl by blending in some black eye shadow. This will add intensity and also set the kohl and stop it running,' she explained. 'Add lots of chunky mascara such as Spectralash by Avon. Groom eyebrows and brush through some taupe powder to perfect the shape.'

Jackie says lips should be kept subtle, as to not draw attention away from the eyes. She advises that a lip balm is the best cosmetic to use.

'Finish the lips with a little lip balm that has a hint of colour such as Vaseline Rose,' she added.

Check out more of Jackie's star style tips on www.jackietyson.co.uk.