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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CFDA: And they wore...

The CFDAs have come and gone once more and everybody, including us, wants to know what these fashion royals wore. Oh and we also want to see who won what of course. Let's take a look at the fashion, shall we? For your viewing pleasure the photos on this fashion slide have been organized in order of mild to extra spicy. Some of you haven't even had your morning coffee so we will wake you up gently.

1. Anderson Cooper:
Speaking of mild and gentle, here's Anderson Cooper. Only the Silver Fox can match his tie to his hair and look suave while doing so. The Fox doesn't need to grab your attention with his attire, just look at that piercing stare. Somebody was listening to Tyra Banks when she taught the world how to Smize.

2. Kirsten Dunst:

I don't know what has happened to Kirsten Dunst lately. Ever since Cannes she has really been raising her A game and reminding everybody how A-list she is. She's evolved a little from her normal vintage loose fitting style to this groomed (no pun intended) look. I like it. It's mild but in a REALLY good way. A little reminiscent of Hailee Steinfeld at the MTV movie awards, which is a big compliment, but this is Patrick Ervell and not Louis Vuitton. The colored lapels are also perfect for Ms. Dunst since they bring out her eye color and suit the red lipstick very well. Keep it up Kirsten, keep it up.

3. Naomi Watts:Well, she really is very pretty. Naomi Watts lived up to her name and really shined on the red carpet. Maybe a little too much? She has such a banging bod that I wish this was cinched at the waist. Yes the color looks great but the shape of the dress is still tragic. But again, she is gorgeous which makes me think that the rest doesn't matter all too much, even at the CFDAs.

4. Jessica Alba:
Mama Alba here is very pregnant and should be treated kindly. The peach and purple are both wonderful colors but do they go with her red lipstick? I don't know. I think the dress is great but I think that her makeup fails her just a little bit. The lipstick is one thing but her eyeshadow seems to be matchy-matchy with the peach of her dress which is is just...OK you're pregnant, we understand!! I'll stop now.

On our Mild to Saucy meter we are moving from Mild and wandering into Medium territory. To put that in perspective, Medium is mild with a tangy little kick on it. Who knew that we would be opening this segment with The Olsens?

5. The Olsens:

After FINALLY explaining their homeless look they step out and look surprisingly sleek and surprisingly vanilla. Ashley is rocking the strong eyebrows and Mary Kate is rocking Snooki's bouffant. Just kidding Mary Kate, I very much like what's happening on your head. Their outfits are very THEM while also fitting well, which is something NO ONE has said in a while. Oh twinsies, you just like giving us little surprises. And we like receiving them.

6. Whitney Port

Whitney Port looks like a fairy who fell out of A Midsummer's Night Dream. I don't know if I need to explain it, but that is a very big compliment. Some might call this boring but it is summer, her hair is beachy, her makeup is flawless, and she's pulling off a long white dress without looking like a bride. I want to applaud. I want to hug her as well but I fear that my makeup would end up on her dress.

7. Kathy Griffin and Robert Verdi:

I can't make up my mind as to whether or not they planned to match their outfits together. I secretly think Kathy found out that her New Years Eve companion Anderson Cooper was matching his outfit to his hair and decided that the only way to compete with him was by matching her outfit to her Gay. Few couples since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake via THESE outfits have been able to do it so seamlessly. Ok Kathy Griffin, your ability to make all of us at King laugh without a word is a true testament to the comedian you are.

8. Amanda Brooks:

I absolutely am obsessed with this. Bold print, simple cut, GREAT make up, sleek hair, I could go on forever baby. It's simple but bold at the same time. Easy but trendy too. Girlfriend has great style and that's that.

Now for our more Spicy vixens out there. Here are some starlets that made a bold statement with their outfits. Whether or not it was the type of bold spiciness we want on our hot wings is a different question entirely.

8. Marcia Cross
Ok. Who saw this coming? I'm really torn here. The color is great on her, the fit is also superb. But this is jumpsuit. A full sequin jumpsuit. On the other hand Marcia is wearing this as if to say, "Yes I am 49 years young, yes my body is this great, and did I mention my hair is fantastic as well? Oh by the way, I'm pulling off an outfit that was made for a 20 year old, check me out." I think I have to put this outfit in my special drawer that also holds Iman wearing THIS. You work it ladies.

9. Karolina Kurkova:

This little number is a DVF creation. And we all LOVE not only Diane Von Furstenberg the brand but the lady as well. She has so much life in her and seems like so much fun. This outfit however does not do either DVF or Karolina justice here. It is a very fancy pants (are they pants?!) robe with a hood. If the Slytherins and Death Eaters started a clothing line, this would be their show stopper.

10. The Gaga
Although this is the spiciest of our selected photos, something about this on the Gaga herself seems surprisingly tame. She's wearing Mugler, of course, and those ridiculously high heels, of course, and a wig, of course. It fits her very well and is beautifully made, but where are the surprises?? Does the train of this outfit magically turn into wings so that she might fly about? At the same time, maybe the subdued Gaga IS refreshing. I think she got so much back lash for that whole EGG fiasco and making the awards show a GAGA spectacle that this outfit seems so say, "I'm still Gaga but other people are allowed in the spotlight too." If that was her intent, we applaud her for being gracious. Girlfriend is going to be in the spotlight for QUITE a long time and it is nice to see that she can share the space.

Now that we did a petite fashion round-up, let's look at the winner's of the CFDAs, which Styelite (http://www.styleite.com/media/cfda-2011-winners/) so nicely organized.

The 2011 CFDA Award Winners

Womenswear Designer of the Year

The Nominees: The Nominees: Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez from Proenza Schouler.
The Winner: Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez from Proenza Schouler

Menswear Designer of the Year
The Nominees: Michael Bastian, Patrick Ervell and Simon Spurr.
The Winner: Michael Bastian

Accessories Designer of the Year
The Nominees: Alexander Wang, Reed Krakoff, and Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler.
The Winner: Alexander Wang

Swarovski Award For Emerging Talent in Womenswear
The Nominees: Joseph Altuzarra, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for The Row, and Prabal Gurung.
The Winner: Prabal Gurung

Swarovski Award For Emerging Talent in Menswear
The Nominees: Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim and Robert Geller
The Winner: Robert Geller

Swarovski Award For Emerging Talent in Accessories
The Nominees: Eddie Borgo, Jason Wu, Alejandro Ingelmo and Pamela Love
The Winner: Eddie Borgo

Fashion Icon Award
The Winner: Lady Gaga

Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award
The Winner: Marc Jacobs

International Award
The Winner: Phibe Philo

Media Award In Memory Of Eugenia Sheppard
The Winner: Hilary Alexander

The Founders Award in Memory of Eleanor Lambert
The Winner: Hal Rubenstein

Board of Director’s Special Tribute Award
The Winner: Arthur Elgort

Hope we satisfied all of your CFDA needs and as always, if you want to stay in the know follow the Kingdom on twitter @KingCollective for more!

Pictures courtesy of WWD, style.com, and NYmag.com